Dominion: Adventures Teasers!

The ninth expansion to Dominion, Dominion: Adventures, is imminent.  We will be posting card previews starting next week, but in the meantime, Donald X. Vaccarino has the following teaser for you all.  Discuss in the forums!

Dominion: Adventures

Dominion: Adventures

Previews start Monday! As a special treat for the weekend, here are some teasers – bits of information about the expansion that don’t actually tell you any cards. I will not be further explaining this stuff! Well not until after the set is out, and by then it shouldn’t need much explanation.

Some things you will find in Dominion: Adventures:

– 22 dividing lines
– 8 big arrows
– 7 cards with 3 types
– 3 treasures, including an attack and a village
– 2 12-card piles, including a victory card worth 0 VP the turn you buy it
– +$3, +$4, and +$5
– a card that gives the 2nd player an advantage
– a card you can play when it isn’t your turn
– a card that draws you 5 cards when Throned
– word counts: Supply: 15; Game: 4; Turn: 31; Token: 16.

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2 Responses to Dominion: Adventures Teasers!

  1. Chris Broadbent says:

    Just to torture your brains. But it does seem like we actually get previews starting Monday!

  2. Chris Broadbent says:

    Sorry – meant to forward not reply. Thanks for posting this!

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