Guilds Preview #5

This is the fifth and final preview by Donald X. Vaccarino, introducing the next Dominion expansion: Guilds.  The community is discussing these new cards in the Guilds Preview subforum.


Dominion: Guilds

How about that medieval Poland? At last we come to the final day of previews. Herald is another overpay card. I could only fit so many themes into 13 cards.

Herald varies from “+1 card +1 action” to essentially “+2 cards +2 actions,” depending on your action density. Aim high, that’s my advice. When you buy Herald, you get to stack the deck for your next hand. No peeking into your discard pile first to see if you want to buy Herald or not; sorry, them’s the rules. But if you overpay by $3, you’ll get to look through your discard pile three times; that’s value for money. And you can use the overpay to put Heralds on top of your deck, and then when you play those Heralds sometimes they will announce more Heralds. It’s Heralds all the way down.

Guilds has 8 more cards, and before long you will have seen them all. It will probably be available at Origins and will come out later this month in any case. It will probably show up on Goko about when it shows up in stores; I have been playtesting it. And then once people can buy it I will post a Secret History.


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13 Responses to Guilds Preview #5

  1. sn says:

    So far the card dynamics look very interesting, and different, but I’ve not been impressed by the card art at all.

  2. OUTinMinnesota says:

    Hmm.. Reveal the top card of the library and then return it to the library?

  3. MrBawn says:

    I guess we have to wait until release day to find out what Candlestick Maker does.

  4. Markov Chain says:

    This looks like a good combination with Watchtower or Royal Seal: buy a Herald for $6 and top-deck a two-card combo.

    Herald is also a counter to Ruins, as he clears them away and can even make a Ruined Village useful.

    • Markov Chain says:

      The Watchtower/Royal Seal idea involves also putting the Herald on top, allowing new combos. You can top-deck two terminals and be sure you can play both of them, making it possible to pull off a combo such as Coppersmith/Counting House, Council Room/Militia, two Torturers, or Vault/Library and not depend on getting a village.

      • WheresMyElephant says:

        But you talk as though Herald were a reliable Village? Of course it isn’t; it’s perfectly possible to topdeck Herald+2 terminals and still fail to play both. Unless of course you’re topdecking 7+ cards so that you can rely on finding an Action two cards into your draw pile next turn, which is nice but probably not that common. This would require an $11 turn where two of your key cards didn’t get played (else they can’t be topdecked that turn) which is sort of a tall order.

        Otherwise, maybe your Herald isn’t perfectly reliable but is good enough to make this worth a try? But this is especially unlikely in a Copper-filled deck, so Coppersmith/CH is probably out. And if your Action density is this good, do you need to do this at all? Maybe it’s just overkill and Royal Seal and Watchtower are distractions. (Watchtower in particular is often powerful on its own, which often saves it from being a “distraction” in these conversations. But I also suspect that it antisynergizes somewhat with Herald: its draw-to-6 ability is probably one of the weakest Actions a Herald could hit, and might often wind up drawing nothing.)

        • Markov Chain says:

          After posting, I realized that the topdecking of the Herald itself won’t help, because you can’t control the card the Herald draws. It’s not possible to edit replies on this board.

  5. chris says:

    My first thought is Cartographer. Why rely on luck to determine the second card of your deck?

    Overpaying for Herald seems potentially useful in, appropriately enough, a Tournament deck. If you have several Tournaments but only one Province (a common occurrence), and have already used your Province, you might consider overpaying for a Herald to set the Province up to be used again next turn if you draw another Tournament — and in this case a Province you have used this turn *is* already in the discard. Overpaying by 2 could be even better, provided you have a Tournament from a previous turn in your discard.

  6. ianthecool says:

    These are underwhelming so far…

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you remodel a card you overpaid for, would the Herald still only cost 4 then no matter how much you overpaid?

  8. J.C. Beckman says:

    I actually like the artwork of this card.

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