Guilds Preview #4

This is the fourth of several previews by Donald X. Vaccarino, introducing the next Dominion expansion: Guilds.  The community is discussing these new cards in the Guilds Preview subforum.


Dominion: Guilds

King Casimir only lived to be 60. Did he ever go bald? The Wikipedia article doesn’t say. If so though that would be in line with the 4th theme in Guilds: bald people. And one of those bald people is Butcher.

Butcher also fits the 5th theme of Guilds, which is, wordy cards. Take two coin tokens, you may trash a card, something something, gain a card, something something, man I’ll just buy one, I’ll figure out what it does when I play it. Butcher is a Remodel that you spend coin tokens to pump up. With enough coin tokens you can go straight from Curse to Colony. You can also just trade a card in for something at the same cost or less, while keeping the two coin tokens for later. There are a lot of ways you can go.

Butcher gives you a special use for coin tokens. That’s not a theme of the set, that’s just Butcher. It provides some coin tokens itself, so it’s not like you have to have another Guilds card with it to make it do its thing. It’s all been taken care of.


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9 Responses to Guilds Preview #4

  1. jeremyhoff says:

    The best part of these daily preview articles is that we get 10x more of Donald X’s stream-of-consciousness “backstory” of the expansion.

    “Butcher also fits the 5th theme of Guilds, which is, wordy cards.” Ha, well played, sir.

  2. ackmondual says:

    More than one newbie has asked if he can add coins to Remodel into a better card than just +$2. Now, there’s a way to do that!

  3. chris says:

    We’ve now seen Butcher and Baker… is there a Candlestick Maker? (Talk about your specialized professions…)

    • chris says:

      As for the card itself, I like the flexibility. If you Remodel an Estate and happen to not like the $4 cards, you can take a Silver, but you don’t get any compensation for the waste; with Butcher you get to save a coin token for later. I could see Butcher/Doctor being a nice opening (if Baker is also on the board); Butcher your Estates into Silver, saving coin for later, and trash coppers with Doctor. Although a collision would be inconvenient, since both are terminal.

      Furthermore you don’t have to trash at all if you don’t want to and Butcher still does something useful, giving you more coin that you can use immediately or later (although it’s questionable whether the alternate use alone is worthy of a $5 terminal). Although if you trash, you must gain, so in general, butchering curses/ruins seems not great — you can get a copper and save the coin tokens for later, but a copper is still not a very desirable card, albeit better than curse/ruins.

      Also: there are surprisingly many uses for a butchered rat.

      • Lhurgoyf says:

        You can still decide to pay one coin token to gain a $1 card which would be (in absence of Poor House) no card.

        • WheresMyElephant says:

          No, you would still have to gain a Copper or Curse. Reread the card: “Gain a card with a cost of UP TO …”

  4. duo says:

    That would be a whitesmith or silversmith for fancy candlesticks.

  5. yariv says:

    Given we already have a baker and butcher, these are the ones I’m looking for:
    Bonnet Maker

    optionally, a Boojum.

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