Interview with Witch Division champion: Mic Qsenoch

Mic Qsenoch
2012 Championships Witch Division champion

Final Four overview

Initial seed: 7
Round 1: def. (250) FluidSpace 4-1
Round 2: def. (122) Dubdubdubdub 4-0
Round 3: def. (58) greatexpectations 4-1
Round 4: def. (26) boloni 4-2
Division semifinals: def. (202) LordHedgie 4-1
Division finals: def. (15) WanderingWinder 4-3

Mic Qsenoch will be facing off against (6) Obi Wan Bonogi in the second (American) semifinal. We caught up with Mic Qsenoch and asked him a few questions.

Congratulations on winning your division! What do you think was your toughest match?

I lost the first two games against boloni, which was a rough spot to come back from, but overall I’d say WanderingWinder. It was my only match to go to 7 games.

Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, where are you from, what do you do?

I’m 24, I live in the Midwest (U.S.), and I’m a graduate student in Chemistry.

How did you get into Dominion?

I wanted to try a new game, so I looked at the BGG list of top rated games and picked one with a short playing time. I bought Dominion, loved it, and started purchasing expansions almost immediately. A friend showed me Dominion Strategy and Isotropic, and then the innocent game became a terrible addiction.

What are your favorite board games other than Dominion?

Tichu, Boggle, Bananagrams, Ticket to Ride, Acquire. Those are just the games that came to my mind quickly, but I enjoy almost any board game.

What are your favorite and least-favorite Dominion cards, and why?

Favorite Cards: Swindler, Ill-Gotten Gains, Haggler, Hoard, Duke, Wharf, Menagerie

My favorite kind of deck is a messy one where you don’t need careful tracking or control, just throw in a bunch of stuff and see what happens. These cards sometimes let you get away with that. Menagerie doesn’t fit that description but I like it because activated Menageries make you feel like a pro.

Least Favorite: Smugglers, Bishop

I guess I’m just offended when my opponent’s Smuggle good stuff, and I’m just plain bad with Bishop.

Most feared opponent on Isotropic?

I have to go with -Stef- (my current record against him is 18-36). When I lose to him I feel like he’s seriously out-thinking me. Other than -Stef-, I’m also afraid of everyone else on Isotropic because the player base is extremely competent and pretty much anyone can steal a game from you.

Finally, some one-sentence strategy advice you’d give to someone new to the game?

Don’t make rigid plans for your deck, you’ll be disappointed with unlucky shuffles and blinded from making stronger plays when you get lucky, always adapt your strategy each turn to the 5 cards you’ve drawn.

Bonus advice: don’t play Dominion like it’s solitaire, base your decisions on what your opponents are doing as well.

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