2012 DominionStrategy.com Championships Final Four

The 2012 DominionStrategy.com Championships

256 entered
4 remain

How strong is this Final Four?  All four are members of the super-exclusive ten-member Level 50 Club.

Chapel Division: -Stef-
Not only is -Stef- the reigning number one on the Isotropic leaderboard, he’s doing so with the highest Isotropic ranking ever attained (Level 55!).  The top seed has never been pushed to a seventh game this tournament, winning his division with a 4-2 victory over 2012 US Champion dondon151.

Witch Division: Mic Qsenoch
A relative unknown this time last year, Mic Qsenoch has shot up the leaderboard to join the rarefied air of the Level 50+ gang, earning his place in the Final Four with a nailbiting 4-3 victory over WanderingWinder.

Gardens Division: Obi Wan Bonogi
A mainstay at the top of the leaderboard for almost two years, Obi Wan Bonogi has developed a reputation as one of the most feared players on Isotropic.  He won the Gardens Division with a 4-3 win over ednever.

Thief Division: lespeutere
Winner of the 2012 German Dominion Masters, lespeutere has played more games on Isotropic than any of the other players and won the Thief Division with a 4-2 win over HiveMindEmulator.

2012 DominionStrategy.com Championships Final Four

Over the next several days, we’ll publish interviews with each of the Final Four, to get their thoughts on the tournament, Dominion strategy advice, and their most feared opponents.  In the meantime, why not head over to the forum, and vote for who you think will win the tournament?

A huge thanks to jonts26 and greatexpectations, whose tireless efforts made this tournament possible.  Without them this tournament could not have gotten off the ground.

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