Combo of the Day #13: Warehouse/Counting House

Another mildly thematic combo. Warehouse cycles your deck, tossing your Coppers into the discard for the Counting House to pick up.  It helps get you to your Counting House faster (through all the Coppers) and also softens the blow of drawing your Counting House too early.

Compared to combos like Golem/Counting House, Warehouse/Counting House is more flexible in that you can buy other cards to help out—Golds and Platinums are always helpful (though of course Bank is the best treasure for use with Counting House), and Worker’s Villages are perfect because their +Buy can provide both the Coppers as well as more buying options later on.  Talisman is also a great card for stacking up on Coppers and Warehouses.

The drawback is the ever-shrinking handsize due to repeated Warehousing.  Realistically, you won’t ordinarily be able to play play more than 4 Warehouses per turn.  But it’s a good solution to the two main problems with Counting House: deck cycling, and drawing the card too early.

Sample game

An example of how it counters Ambassador quite well.

Sample game

I didn’t buy much Copper because there are no Colonies we weren’t going to get to Colonies before the game ended on piles; in games with where Colonies are contested, you should obviously invest a little more in Coppers so you can get to $11.

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4 Responses to Combo of the Day #13: Warehouse/Counting House

  1. Tim says:

    It’s quite an interesting idea. Nevertheless, in your sample game:
    1. you spent 18 turns to get to 4 provinces and a dutchy. Since no attacks were there, it is actually not too much better than pure big money. The win is more from the failure of the opponent’s strategy I would say.

    2. In contrast to what you say, the record says that colonies and platinums are around.

    3. Even with colonies, I didn’t see why it is clear that you should get up to 11 coppers. Maybe that requires some thought as well?

    • theory says:

      1. I agree that this particular game wasn’t a great example. But in games with attacks, the combo is more resilient.
      2. My mistake, fixed.
      3. I meant to say that because Colonies weren’t seriously contested, because the game was clearly going to end on piles.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A similar strategy I recently was devestating with Counting House and Cellar–I also through in a Worker’s Village, but I think the strategy can work without the plus buy. I basically cellared everything in my hand when–victory cards and coppers–up to the point that I was about to signal a re-draw. For example, if I drew a hand with 1. counting house, 1. estate and 3 copper and currently had no cards in my discard pile I would discard all four of the estates and coppers, drawing 4 more cards. Often times i would draw another cellar with a few more coppers. I would cellar those (3) coppers and draw 3 more cards that might include 1-2 coins. I play the Counting House and am able to return the first 3 coppers I discarded, along with the next 3 I discarded and then use the 2 I had to buy a province.

    Any time I had a Working Village I bought more copper. I bought quite a few cellars, 4 or 5, and 2 to 3 counting houses. In the multiple games I played I was able to get to provinces early–around turn 5–and able to get a 5-3 or a 6-2 split on them pretty quick.

    I only lost once using this strategy and that was a game using a chapel deck and grand market…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cellar also works as a great way to get cellars into the discard pile. I dominated a few games using this strategy especially when it was accompanied by a +buy card such as worker’s village.

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