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Guest Article: Comparing the Villages

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by chwhite, taken from the forum thread of the same name. See also Building a +Actions/+Cards Engine. Here is a list of the Villages, which I’ve grouped into several tiers and attempted to … Continue reading

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Guest Article: Planning and Playing a New Strategy

This is a guest article by WanderingWinder. Duke, Ghost Ship, Horn of Plenty, Horse Traders, King’s Court, Moneylender, Royal Seal, Smithy, Walled Village, and Wishing Well Think about what you’d do with this set for a while. While you’re thinking … Continue reading

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Guest Article: Sample Game Planning

The following guest article is written by DG. Baron, Caravan, Coppersmith, Council Room, Haven, Masquerade, Remodel, Smithy, Thief, and Throne Room I decided to write an article about this game since it’s short and neat, there are some nice card … Continue reading

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We’ve added (and are continuing to refine) a major new feature on Popular Buys. By default, it provides static stats about Isotropic’s population as a whole; you can see, for instance, that Fishing Village is the most popular* card … Continue reading

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We are now

We now own! If anything broke in the transition, please let us know. Please link to us with our new, sexier, and shorter URL in the future.

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Guest Article: Annotated Game #1 Response Followup

The following guest article is written by Jeroen Aga (Geronimoo on Isotropic). Last time I left you with the conclusion that combining Mountebank with Warehouse is superior to the combination with Caravan (but only by a very slim margin). Judging … Continue reading

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Introducing Dominion Statistics

When we asked you, our readers, what you wanted to see, at least one of you wanted more numbers. As a numbers kind of guy myself, I’ve been hard at work scraping and parsing the Isotropic Dominion logs. Without further … Continue reading

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Prosperity: Peddler

Without the variable pricing, Peddler should probably be priced at $4, as a Market without the +Buy.  With the variable pricing, it’s a steal at $2 or $0, and you should try to set up a deck with spammable non-terminal … Continue reading

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