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Geronimoo’s Dominion Simulator

After countless hours of brain storming, coding and testing, the first user friendly Dominion Simulator is available for all of you to enjoy. You could be simulating your first 1000 games of Dominion in under a minute! Download it here. … Continue reading

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Follow-up to Sample Game Planning

How about I kick off your working/studying/playing-dominion week with a few cool graphs and clever observations? I kind of had to after reading timchen’s request to simulate DG’s and Yaron’s game in the comments (you see, we at dominionstrategy really … Continue reading

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Guest Article: Annotated Game #6

The following guest article is written by Jeroen Aga (Geronimoo on Isotropic). (Monday’s preview) Loan, Watchtower, Bridge, Militia, Wharf, Lookout, Workshop, Envoy, Thief, Harem This is a 2-player game played between me [Geronimoo] and crduemling. The log is available here … Continue reading

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