2018 Dominion Online Championship Quarterfinal Interview: JoMa

254 players participated in the 2018 Dominion Online Championship.  Only 8 players are left, and we will posting interviews with each player this week before their match.

JoMa will be playing markus Friday, October 26 at 600pm UTC (2 o’clock PM Eastern time Friday afternoon); you can watch the live-stream of the match at twitch.tv/dominionstreams.

This is JoMa’s pregame interview.

Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, where are you from, what do you do?

JoMa:  I am 31 years old, living in the north of Germany, trying to meet all the expectations of a modern father that cares about family, job and the housekeeping.

In the mornings, I work as researcher in the field of energy informatics, contributing a tiny bit to carry the German energy system transformation forward.

In the afternoons, I work as a father, trying to teach my three-year-old son some life lessons, while he teaches me patience.

How did you start playing Dominion?

JoMa:  During my study time, a friend brought the card game one evening, as we were looking for a good 2-player game. I immediately fell in love with it. We spent hours trying to figure out the cards of the base set and analyzing why certain decks succeeded and others didn’t.

What do you think was your toughest match in the tournament so far?

JoMa:  The closest match was definitely the 3rd round match against train, where I was down 1-3 and somehow managed to make it to game 7 and then luckily had a first player advantage. My best opponent was Jan in the round of 16, but I simply had loads of luck during the match.

What are your favourite and least-favourite Dominion cards, and why?

JoMa:  I somehow like to play raider, especially when both players have strong decks. Making your opponent discard one of the great cards you have played in your turn can be really powerful. However, I really like to play with certain events or landmarks, like Ritual, Mountain Pass, Fountain, Tomb or Wall.

I don’t really like swindler, but I guess I am not alone with that. The card that I play worst with is ambassador. I find it really hard to find the right balance between building your deck and junking your opponent.

What cards do you think are the most overrated/underrated?

JoMa:  Most overrated: Black market. Of course it can be a great card sometimes, but sometimes there is everything you need in front of you already.

Most underrated: I guess it’s develop. Of course it’s not a super great trasher, but during mid game it can be really powerful, especially in a kingdom with good action cards for all kind of different costs (especially good $2 cards).

What are your initial impressions of Renaissance, the newest Dominion expansion?

JoMa:  Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to test the cards during the preview weeks (I was busy with the championship matches).

What was the most memorable Dominion match you’ve ever played?

JoMa:  Long ago, I played a 3-player match with Chapel, Pirate Ship, Saboteur and King’s Court. One other player and me, we were going for Pirate Ships, while the other one built up for a whole lot of Saboteur attacks. When all the Pirate Ships got trashed, we all ended up with literally no economy at all. While one player continuously Kinged the Saboteur, the other one was going for Copper + Estates. Out of frustration I trashed my remaining deck. With only a Chapel in hand I then slowly built a 5-card deck and managed to grab a Colony just at the last turn before the 3-pile end, which gave me the win.

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t playing Dominion?

JoMa:  Usually I spend my time with the job or my family. Once a week, I really enjoy playing table tennis in a sports club. Additionally, every now and then, I meet with some friends to play some groovy samba rhythms on different types of drums, which is really fun.

What advice do you have for Dominion players looking to get better?

JoMa:  Take your time. It has really improved my game when I started to slow down and think a bit more, especially at the start of the game.

Other than that I don’t really feel to be in the right position to give advice about Dominion, I rather feel like I am still learning, how this game works.

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