Renaissance Previews #5: Fair, Silos, Citadel, Star Chart, Sewers, Innovation

The following is the fifth and final preview for the new Renaissance set from Donald X. Vaccarino:

Projects are abilities everyone can have. They go in your randomizer deck or special sideways deck, like Events and Landmarks. You only play with 2 max between these and Events and Landmarks, unless you prefer to have more, I can’t stop you. Each player gets two wooden cubes, that’s right we’ve at last moved into wood, and if you buy a Project – using a buy in your Buy phase – you put one of your unused cubes on it and then have that ability for the rest of the game. You only get two cubes, even if you preferred having more than two Projects out at once. Everyone can put a cube on the same Project, there’s room for all. There are twenty Projects. Here are six of them.


Silos lets you Cellar away Coppers at the start of your turn, could be a pip.

Citadel repeats your first Action each turn. You are going places once you have one of these.

Star Chart lets you pick your top card every time you shuffle. It seems like that could come in handy. Yes you get to look at the cards, you don’t have to pick from the backs.

Sewers means every trasher you have can trash an extra card. It also works when you play a one-shot like Acting Troupe, or lose a card to Swindler or something. It can be sneaky.

And finally Innovation makes your first bought/gained Action each turn leap into play and immediately do something. Not all things are useful to play in your Buy phase (and there isn’t always a Workshop available), but it turns out a lot of things are (and sometimes, there’s a Workshop).

That’s it for previews! You’ll be able to play with the previewed cards online all through the weekend; then they’ll vanish until the street date for the physical set. Which is when you’ll also get to see the rest of the cards. And when is that? Well the current guess is… late October. Very late October. So late in October that it’s almost not October. Man. A month away. But at least RGG has a lot of confidence in that estimate. The rulebook will show up online around then as usual, and once people have the cards I’ll post a Secret History.

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2 Responses to Renaissance Previews #5: Fair, Silos, Citadel, Star Chart, Sewers, Innovation

  1. Can the same player buy the same project twice, and get double the effect?

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is the intended interaction of Priest / Sewers. If I trash a Copper to playing a priest and an Estate to Sewers effect, how much coin should I have?

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