Dominion: Renaissance Teaser

This teaser was originally posted by Donald X. to the Dominion Strategy Forums. Next week, we will be posting Dominion: Renaissance previews each weekday, which will reveal various cards and mechanics from the new expansion. You will also be able to try out these new cards and mechanics for free, as they are revealed, on the Dominion Online client.

Prepare to be teased.

Renaissance has:

  • 25 kingdom cards, 25 sideways cards, 12 wooden cubes, 6 playmats, and 35 tokens
  • three Treasures, two Attacks, two Duration cards, and one Reaction
  • fifteen uses for tokens
  • sixteen uses of “trash”
  • a card with a word in quotation marks on it
  • a card with only 3 words on it; a card with only 4 words on it
  • three ways to play Actions in your Buy phase
  • a way to take a turn after the game would otherwise be over
  • a trasher you can’t turn off
  • something that cares about shuffling
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