The 2017 Qvist Card Rankings

Want to know how strong the general consensus of any given Dominion card is? The Qvist 2017 Card Rankings are now here to provide you some answers! Started by Qvist, the Card Rankings have become a major staple of the F.DS community.

Here’s some interesting information. In case you didn’t know, Dan Brooks is the Champion of the 2017 ShuffleIT Tournament. (Watch the incredible games if you have the chance!) In this one podcast episode that may or may not have had anything to do with the blog, Dan Brooks reveals that he used the Qvist Card Rankings when he first started playing Dominion. He would buy cards that were high on the lists, and ignore cards that were low on the lists. While simplistic, it is a great place to start out, especially when first beginning serious competitive Dominion play.

I’m done hyping you up. Here are the 2017 lists, and for the first time written by members of the community besides Qvist:

Also, if you would like to look at even more information because you’re a total nutcase for Dominion, you could visit the Dominion Wiki to see how cards have fallen or risen over the years of polling. (note: some cards have fallen or risen simply by virtue of more cards being added to the pool.) Alternatively, you might also want to take a gander at Adam Horton’s Card Power Levels, which sadly does not include Nocturne because of the time of the polling, but is still very useful to read. However, those plan to be incorporated in the next list, and in the meantime you can read this, just the Nocturne cards discussed separately.

Hopefully all this reading holds you over until The 2018 Qvist Card Rankings. Whenever that starts polling approximately a year from now, there will be a post about it, prompting you to go and add your voice to the crowd!

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5 Responses to The 2017 Qvist Card Rankings

  1. GwinnR says:

    Will there be a card list, sorted by how cool the image is?

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