Beat the Bot #5

Good news everyone! I’ve made another bot, all ready for you to demolish. Difficulty level has been set to moderate.

The goal is to beat the bot by playing against it.

Click the simulator to get the new version and the Beat the Bot #5.

Here’s the Kingdom used:
Screenshot-2017-11-21 http users telenet be

Good luck and have fun. Discuss here

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3 Responses to Beat the Bot #5

  1. Pedro says:

    The copied info seems not to be working in the simulator! Is this only happening to me?

    • Geronimoo says:

      Have you clicked the “Launch the simulator” link first or started the simulator with the Desktop icon? If the latter you probably don’t have the latest version. Click the link to get the latest version of the simulator. After that the copy/paste of the bot should work.

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