Kingdom Design Challenge for Dominion League

The Dominion League is now in its seventh season and will be hosting a Kingdom Design Challenge for the Champion Match.

At the end of each season, the top two players in the A division of the league play six games to decide the League Champion, who is the person with the highest combined score between the Champion Match and the regular season. This season, the Champion Match will be composed of kingdoms designed and submitted by forum members, so if you have any kingdoms you feel are especially devious, check it out! This thread has more details.

The Champion Match will be streamed live on Twitch — we’ll be able to see the perspective of at least one of the contestants and live commentary will also be provided, including strategic insight on the kingdoms chosen for the match. What better chance to see your favorite boards played by the best players in the world with top-level commentary?

Submissions will be open until Monday, April 27 and can be submitted via Forum PM (see the thread for details). Good luck!

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