Guilds Preview #2

This is the second of several previews by Donald X. Vaccarino, introducing the next Dominion expansion: Guilds.  The community is discussing these new cards in the Guilds Preview subforum.


Dominion: Guilds

Casimir III’s father, Vladislaus the Elbow-High, lived to be 72. During Casimir’s long reign, the Black Death hit Europe, and yet the Kingdom of Poland was largely spared. What was their secret? Careful rat management? Good health care? Probably being away from trade routes was a factor, but I like to consider all the angles. We had Rats in the last expansion, so it must be time for a Doctor.

The second main theme of Guilds is overpay. These are cards you can pay extra for to get more out of them. The amount you pay determines how much you get; you don’t just get to overpay a certain specific amount. With Doctor, each $1 you overpay lets you look at another card. Overpay by $4 and you will look at the top card, trash it or discard it or put it back, then look at the top card again and make another choice, then a 3rd time, then a 4th time. Get it? If you put the card back you will get it again the next time, so that’s not a great option until you are about out of overpays.

Doctor also does something when you play it. You can get rid of something you anticipate not wanting in your next 3 cards. It’s exciting enough that you might actually buy one for $3, although you will prefer to buy one for $6 or $10 or something.

Overpay can be fed by coin tokens, just look at that synergy. And your options increase even further. Let’s say you have $5 and a coin token, as with yesterday’s example. In addition to whatever else, you could get a Doctor and overpay $2, or cash in the coin token and get a Doctor overpaying $3.

Overpay is something that happens when you buy a card. Didn’t we have that already in Hinterlands? Well yes, but it doesn’t feel especially similar. As the little “+” next to the “3” reminds you, overpay cards don’t have a fixed cost (except when you trash them to an Apprentice or something; then Doctor costs $3 no matter what you actually paid). They increase the number of purchase options you have.

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10 Responses to Guilds Preview #2

  1. turn 1: have 5, baker in game. Buy a doctor with 6. Trash all 3 estates that come up.
    turn 2: draw 4 coppers and a doctor. Play the doctor. Trash the remaining 3 coppers in your deck. Buy a silver.
    turn 3: most people have a deck of 7 coppers, 3 estates, and 2 other cards. You have a deck of a doctor, a silver, and 4 coppers. Either get 6 for a gold, or trash a copper and buy a 5 card (or get 4 and don’t trash anything)

    This is even better when you add in other action cards to the game. The IGG is super powerful because it gives the other person a curse, this could be just as good. I’ll probably open with it with 4 or 5 on most games.

  2. Markov Chain says:

    If the Doctor trashes an Overgrown Estate upon purchase, can you use the card you drew from the trashing? I would assume no, since you can’t play cards during your Buy phase. (However, if you get the Doctor from the Black Market, it isn’t your Buy phase, so your turn continues with the new card.)

    • WheresMyElephant says:

      The Prosperity rulebook is clear that the Buy phase is separated into two sub-phases: first you play Treasures, then you buy cards. So the answer to your question is no, but it’s not because you can’t play cards in the Buy phase, per se.

      On the other hand, you could play a Horn of Plenty and gain a Cultist, then use Watchtower to trash the Cultist, causing you to draw three cards. Since you haven’t started buying cards yet, you can still play any Treasure cards drawn in this way.

      • Anonymous says:

        So…. The extra card you draw gets discarded?

        • WheresMyElephant says:

          Yes. By the time you draw the card in this scenario, you’re past the point in your turn when you’re allowed to play Treasure (let alone Action) cards. So there’s nothing left to do but leave it in your hand and discard at the end of your turn.

          It’s the same for Coin tokens. That situation actually comes up a lot because Merchant’s Guild gives you Coin tokens for buying cards, but you can’t spend the tokens that turn for the same reason.

        • Anonymous says:

          Except in extreme corner cases. You could draw a reaction such as Trader that might affect further buys in the buy phase. But by and large, yeah, they’re discarded before you can do anything with them.

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