Interview with Donald X. Vaccarino

Donald X. Vaccarino

Over the holidays, instead of card articles, we’ll be posting an interview with Donald X. Vaccarino himself.  Donald has been graciously answering many questions from the forum community, and we’ve selected the best of them to publish here.

We’ll post the interview in multiple segments:

Part I: Designing Dominion; Designing Boardgames in General

Part II: The Game of Dominion; Hindsight is 20/20; Alternative Dominion Cards

Part III: The Future of Dominion; Other Boardgames; Donald X. himself

If you have questions you’d like to ask the great designer, feel free to ask away!

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3 Responses to Interview with Donald X. Vaccarino

  1. Davio says:

    But that’s not Donald, that’s DougZ, right? Or did I miss the memo that they were the same person?

  2. McGill lma says:


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