The 2012 Championships

November 12 2010 – ?

We recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of You all are the reason why we have blossomed from a small, niche blog into a full-fledged site featuring a flourishing forum and the best and brightest boardgamer community around. With over 3 million blog visits, and over 10 million forum page views, we are humbled and awestruck to have been a part of this.

So in honor of our two-year anniversary, and the wonderful readership that has brought us this far, we are very proud to announce:

The 2012 Championships
and Kingdom Design Challenge

Congratulations are in order for last year’s champion, olneyce, and last year’s winner of the Kingdom Design Challenge, Wingnut.

Our second annual year-end Dominion championship will be held on the Isotropic server. It will be a single-elimination 2-player tournament bringing together the 256 top Dominion players in the world. The prize for the winner will be a copy of any Dominion expansion they wish.

To register, fill in this form.
You will need a forum account to register for this tournament.
Existing entries can be found here.

Not so great at Dominion? No worries: you can still win! Alongside the championships, we will also run a Kingdom Design Challenge. Anyone (regardless of whether you’re in the tournament) can submit a Kingdom set of 10 Dominion cards, and we will personally select the best seven of these to be played in the Grand Final. After the Grand Final, voters will determine the best of the seven Kingdoms, and the creator of that Kingdom will also receive a copy of any Dominion expansion.

Submit your Kingdoms here.
You will need a forum account to submit your entry.

Good luck!

The Ten Official Rules

1. Registration will close in one week, on Sunday, December 2 at 11:59:59PM EST, or after 256 players have registered, whichever is first.

2. Registration is first-come first-serve, with one exception. Any player with an Isotropic level over 35, or any quarterfinalist from the 2011 Championships who registers after registration has closed (but before December 2) will be permitted a wildcard entry, replacing the last person to register. There is a maximum of 16 such wildcard entries. In other words, the first 240 to register are guaranteed to compete, and the last 16 to register may be subject to replacement by a high-ranking wildcard.

3. To register, fill in this form. We require all entrants to register on the forum so that they can keep up with their games and avoid no-shows. If you are not registered on the forum you will not be permitted to compete.

4. Players will be seeded into a single-elimination bracket. Seeds will be determined by Isotropic rankings on a date of our choice. Any player who does not appear on the Isotropic leaderboard will receive either an appropriate seed based on past Isotropic leaderboard rankings, or be unseeded. Please be sure to play at least one game on Isotropic this week so that you can appear on the leaderboard.

5. Every game will be a 2-player game and must be played on Isotropic. Each round will last for one week. The first round begins on Monday, December 3 and ends on Sunday, December 9.

6. Each match will be first to four wins (ties do not count). Players may, upon mutual consent, agree to play under any constraints they wish (e.g., with/without veto mode, sets limited to a particular expansion, with/without point counter, identical starting hands). If the players are unable to reach an agreement, they shall play with randomly selected cards (excluding any fan-made cards), no veto mode, identical starting hands, and the official point counter. Use of unofficial point counters, notepads, etc. is not prohibited.

7. The most recent losing player should go first in the next game; Isotropic should automatically give starting position to the person who most recently lost. If the match has already been completed, however, failure to alternate starting positions is not grounds to dispute the match result. First player in the first game of the match is determined by whichever player is “on top” in the bracket.

8. Players are expected to arrange convenient times to play with their opponents. In the event of a dispute, players can provide evidence of their presence on Isotropic at the agreed-upon time by linking to an Isotropic log of themselves playing a solitaire game at that time. If neither player submits such evidence, both will forfeit.

9. Results must be posted in this forum topic with links to Isotropic logs. Please remember to grab Isotropic logs immediately after every game. We greatly encourage players to review their games and discuss the match in the topic.

10. The winner of the tournament will receive a copy of any Dominion expansion.

2012 Kingdom Design Challenge

1. Starting today, we will accept Kingdom submissions. You may submit any number of Kingdoms for consideration. Submissions close January 28.

2. Kingdom is defined as a set of 10 Dominion cards to be used in a game of the Grand Final. If your setup includes Young Witch, please also include a Bane card. If your setup includes Black Market, the Black Market deck will be randomly generated. Please also specify whether Colonies and Platinum are included. The Kingdom is under no other constraint (i.e., you may have Colonies and Platinums in the game even without any Prosperity cards, and you may have just a single Alchemy card).

3. Kingdoms may include any published Dominion card (including promotional cards) EXCEPT Dark Ages cards. Submissions with fan-made cards will automatically be rejected.

4. Kingdoms should be submitted here. We require entrants to be registered on the forum. Submissions from unregistered entrants will not be considered.

5. We will select at least seven Kingdoms to be used for the Grand Final (more than seven in case the match requires more than seven games). We will not announce the Kingdoms until the final begins.

6. After the final, voters will be able to vote for their favorite of the seven (or more) Kingdoms. That poll will close one week from the end of the Grand Final; at that point, whoever submitted the winning Kingdom will also receive a copy of any Dominion expansion.

7. You may submit Kingdoms with any intent, and the voters can select whichever Kingdom they like for any reason. That being said, in selecting the final Kingdoms, we will look for Kingdoms that can promote future discussion. The ideal Kingdom will encourage diverse strategies, have no clear dominant approach, and emphasizes skill over luck.

If you are interested in supporting this tournament, please consider doing your holiday Amazon shopping through our affiliate link. We receive a percentage of every sale made through that link, at no additional cost to you.

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21 Responses to The 2012 Championships

  1. This looks interesting. I want to register, but I also want to make sure I don’t register and forget or discover that I can’t play. Is there any specific time/date this tournament is happening? I don’t see it on here.

  2. PitzerMike says:

    Pretty cool. From the rules it looks like we are permitted to use Dark Ages cards in the kingdom design challenge.
    But if that is true, how are the grand finals going to be played on Isotropic?

  3. yariv says:

    The registration rules are unclear regarding wildcard qualifiers registering in 241-256 position range. Clearly they shouldn’t be replaced by a wildcard, so either they take out one wildcard slot or players in first 240 can be replaced.

  4. DrFlux says:

    I’m a little sad to be unable to compete in this, I’m finishing my dissertation, and I just don’t know if I’ll have time to fit this in…

  5. Simon (DK) says:

    I just created a forum account and signed up for this tournament 🙂
    Is there a way to see which number I was to sign up?
    Looking forward very much to this. Will be my first online tournament =)

  6. Zent says:

    I’m registered 253 – aaaaahhhhh. I believe I will probably lose my spot to wild cards, so unfortunate! Anyway, thanks for organizing! Really appreciate it!

  7. Danno77 says:

    Bah, haven’t been back to DS in a few days and here I am registered #257… 😦
    Is there any chance I’ll still get to participate given that I’m not high enough level to make it as a wild card (made it to the round of 64 in last year’s tourney if that matters)?

  8. Why aren’t random Kingdoms being used in the finals? The whole idea of constructed Kingdoms seems to totally contradict the nature of Dominion as it was designed.

  9. Julie says:

    Not that I particularly want to open this can of worms… But…. “The use of unofficial point counters is not prohibited” means… what exactly? That if one participant wants to use the mega-point counter (with the card totals) and the other doesn’t, then it’s totally fine if the mega-point counter person uses it?

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