Finalists for the 2011 Kingdom Design Challenge

2011 Kingdom Design Challenge

A tremendous shout-out to everyone who submitted a Kingdom to the Kingdom Design Challenge.  These are the nine Kingdoms that we selected to use in the Final of the 2011 Championships.  These are outstanding Kingdoms that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a custom set game.

After you’ve had a chance to think through the sets or try them out, don’t forget to vote for your favorite!  Remember, the winner of your vote will receive a Dominion expansion of his or her choice, so go and support the creator of your favorite Kingdom!

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All of these sets are also available on

Game 1: Moat, Tunnel, Bishop, Gardens, Ironworks, Young Witch, Tournament, Council Room, Torturer, Border Village
Bane: Hamlet
Colony: No

Game 2: Crossroads, Loan, Silk Road, Baron, Bureaucrat, Apprentice, Duke, Farmland, Harem, Nobles
Colony: Yes

Game 3: Haven, Great Hall, Workshop, Masquerade, Ironworks, Island, Throne Room, Tactician, Goons, King’s Court
Colony: No

Game 4: Lookout, Masquerade, Oracle, Smithy, Worker’s Village, Festival, Ghost Ship, Margrave, Mountebank, Treasury
Colony: No

Game 5: Embargo, University, Scrying Pool, Worker’s Village, Remodel, Wharf, Rabble, Grand Market, Forge, Peddler
Colony: Yes

Game 6: Menagerie, Tunnel, Ghost Ship, Governor, Inn, Monument, Worker’s Village, Grand Market, Goons, Adventurer
Colony: No

Game 7: Embargo, Scheme, Menagerie, Watchtower, Fishing Village, Remake, Haggler, Vault, Grand Market, Expand
Colony: Yes

Game 8: Crossroads, Secret Chamber, Warehouse, Loan, Ambassador, Caravan, Worker’s Village, Bureaucrat, Merchant Ship, Grand Market
Colony: Yes

Game 9*: Chapel, Fishing Village, Watchtower, Ironworks, Gardens, Bridge, Highway, Mountebank, Ill-Gotten Gains, Goons
Colony: Yes

Vote for your favorite!

*As the final only lasted eight games, the ninth set was unused.  It is, however, still eligible for voting.

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