Hiatus II

This blog is going on one more extended hiatus.  In the immediate future is the New York Bar Examination; I’ve attempted to juggle Dominion and bar prep, but the demands of the New York Bar are both medieval and unrelenting.

The bar exam takes place in late July.  Immediately afterwards, I’ll be attending World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, PA, a great event that I urge others to attend as well.  And soon after that, I am getting married to a wonderful woman (rrenaud’s sister!) and embarking on a Hawaii honeymoon.  (Somewhat surprisingly, our wedding will not take place in a Chapel.)

So although we’ll occasionally post guest articles and analysis (most likely drawn from our forum), regular updates will be suspended for the next eight weeks, until mid-September. In the meantime, the forum is developing into a bustling community; it’s a great strategic resource, especially if you want someone to critique your game.  And there’s something else to look forward to as well: around the return of the blog should be the release of the next Dominion expansion …

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26 Responses to Hiatus II

  1. Eagle says:

    I don’t blame you for not getting married in a Chapel, you’d have to trash the wedding cards people gave you!

  2. Jahz says:

    Wow that’s a nice summer in front of you !
    Have fun !

  3. LastFootnote says:

    Well, that sounds reasonable. Only instead of occasional guest articles, how about regular guest articles?

    • theory says:

      If there are regularly front-page worthy articles, then of course I will post them. I meant occasional in the sense that thus far no one has stepped up and volunteered to maintain the 3-per-week schedule 🙂

  4. Wick says:

    As someone who did the bar exam thing 26 years ago, you have my sincere condolences. Best of luck.

  5. mr. grieves says:

    Congratulations! I hope the best for you during the next 8 weeks.

  6. chwhite says:

    Congratulations and good luck!

  7. jambarama says:

    Me too. Why is NY Crim 100% different from common law, and why does the NY Bar cover so many topics? My friends taking other bars finished substantive barbri lectures over a week ago, but we’ve still got fed. jurisdiction and domestic relations to go.

    Good luck, it is a tough one!

    • theory says:

      Why do people go to all the effort of drawing up deeds, and then never freakin’ deliver them? And goddamnit, when O gives you Blackacre, get off your lazy ass and record it! Because he is a two-timing bastard who will turn around and sell it again to B without a second thought.

  8. Willvon says:

    I hope that all goes well with the bar exam. As much as I enjoy the aritcles on this site, passing the bar exam and providing for you and your new family is much more important than whether we get some more good tips on playing Dominion. Congratulations on the wedding. And if I may share something that has benefitted my marriage of 26 years, at Ecclesiastes 4:12 we are told: “And if somebody could overpower one alone, two together could make a stand against him. And a threefold cord cannot quickly be torn in two.” Two together is certainly better than one, but when we add God as the third party to our marriage and endeavor to apply his guidance in our lives, then our marriage will be like a cord with three strands braided together, which is much stronger than one with just two strands wrapped around one another.

    However, when you get back to it, I have been looking forward to the articles that were mentioned about “detailing a player’s journey from beginner to expert.” And thanks for the update about the next expansion. I have been wondering when we would start hearing something about it. Their was information out last year about Prosperity long before it was released.

    • theory says:

      I’ll try to frontpage those as soon as they are completing. fp is starting to post them in the forum; you can find it under the Articles section.

  9. mischiefmaker says:

    > around the return of the blog should be the release of the next Dominion expansion …

    Wait, what?? Anyone have a link handy to more information?

  10. aryastark28 says:

    Best wishes during your afk and good luck beating rrenaud at the WBC

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that all sounds great. Thanks for the update, you will be missed. I’ll eagerly wait for your return.

  12. Chris says:

    I know that ny has one of the lowest bar passage rates in the country. Good luck, champ.

    Warrant exceptions — list em!

  13. Zaphod says:

    I think it’s amazing that you were able to get this blog up at all, given your busy life. Thanks for doing it, though, I’ve learned a lot from you.

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. The merger of your bloodline with rrenaud’s could produce offspring that will rule the world of Dominion for decades! I’m engaged myself, to a wonderful woman who loves to play Dominion. I know it’s a wonderful situation, but a stressful one. I can’t imagine adding the bar exam to that. I’ll be praying that it all goes well for you.

  14. Avrair says:

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I really hope everything works out well for you, both in your marriage and with the bar exam.

    Also, are you actually participating in the WBC Dominion tournament? Like, not MCing, but competing? Wow. That’s cool. I don’t live too far away from Lancaster, and even though I’m still (relatively) new to Dominion, it seems like it’d be a fun time and would help me improve my game. Well, hopefully I’ll be able to meet you there! That’d definitely be a highlight of my trip. :]

  15. Chris says:

    Bro love your blog helps me beat the noobs at home

  16. First Chris says:

    Some of the people I went to law school with took the bar in Virginia. They had to dress up for it. I’m talking suits and some shiny black shoes. I’m not sure it wOuldve affected me. But I know it would have affected a couple of the people in TN who showed up to the exam wearing pajama pants and flip flops.

  17. skrotkanon says:

    I’ll miss the blog something fierce but a huge congratulations to you for getting married.

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