Combo of the Day #25: Warehouse/Conspirator

Conspirator chains are easiest to set up in a deck of non-terminals.  But without some kind of way of drawing more cards into your hand (for instance, if your non-terminal is Laboratory), they are frustratingly difficult to put together in decks and quite prone to bad draws–especially as you clog your deck with Victory cards.  So Great Hall/Conspirator, for instance, can only work in extremely dense concentrations (which, in the absence of strong trashing, will take too long to set up).

Warehouse, however, is a good way to get Conspirator chains working at significantly lower density by filtering out non-essential cards.  It speeds up the process tremendously and allows Conspirator-based decks to compete tempo-wise with other strategies.  Of course, it works best in combination with other cards that do well with Conspirator (Laboratory, Grand Market), but Warehouse and Conspirator are usually good enough together on their own to form a viable deck in most sets.

As usual, this combo works far better with Warehouse than Cellar; you’ll rarely be Cellaring more than 3 cards, and the ability to view your drawn cards a priori makes a huge difference.

Sample game

A pretty straightforward game, where both of us go for the combo.  Our strategies are helped out a bit by Worker’s Village and Laboratory, two great helper cards for Conspirator decks.

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12 Responses to Combo of the Day #25: Warehouse/Conspirator

  1. papaHav says:

    Don’t forget treasury/treasury is a guaranteed enabler of conspirator, if a monster engine is brewing.

    Shame it isn’t utilized here despite 5/2 opening… also i believe he gets the +buy way too soon.

    • lefaiison says:

      Yeah, treasury/treasury is a great enabler, but if you don’t construct your deck properly (too many conspirators, and not enough +a/+c, it’ll stall when you buy your first province).

      Actually the sample game is probably one set up I’d like to replay more than once just to test various strategies on. If I was playing that deck, I’d probably go for a “draw your entire deck out + play a bunch of bridges, and win” strategy, but it probably wouldn’t be quick enough since the game ended on turn 13.

  2. chris says:

    So Great Hall/Conspirator on its own can only work in extremely dense concentrations (which, in the absence of strong trashing, will take too long to set up).

    Or with Scout. If Scout puts a Great Hall in your hand (or you already had one), put a Conspirator on top of your revealed non-victory cards, draw it with the Great Hall and the Conspirator will be your 3rd action.

    Another card that works excellently with both Warehouse and Conspirator is Minion — I think Minion/Conspirator has already been covered here, but Minion/Warehouse is worth a mention too. Lots of cards are useless if you’re planning to Minion for a new hand, but you can Warehouse them away and get more Minions or other useful free actions. It also helps you find a Minion if you didn’t start with one (or didn’t draw one after your last Minion).

  3. 1024 says:

    I can’t think of anything that’s bad with Warehouse.

    • mischiefmaker says:

      I can think of a few cards, that fall into one of two buckets:
      – Cards whose utility is increased by increased hand size (Forge, Secret Chamber, possibly Vault)
      – Cards that already decrease your hand size (opponent attacks, Hamlet, Cellar)

      Overall I agree with your point though; I think most players either undervalue Warehouse or have trouble buying it at appropriate times.

    • DG says:

      There are problems with warehouses where you just run out of cards. Play a lighthouse, play a warehouse, play a warehouse, and you’ve only two cards left.

    • rattenversammlung says:

      The downsides of Warehouse are already covered on
      Basically the result was: you need 2 Silvers before your first Warehouse. (please use common sense)
      Caravan/Warehouse is not a start I would go for.
      I could back that up with councilroom stats, if the server wasn’t down

    • chris says:

      Heavy trashing? The benefits of drawing more good cards and discarding bad ones are greatly reduced if you’ve already trashed your bad cards. Then it’s just shrinking your hand size for little use.

      On the other hand, one more thing that might work great with Warehouse: Menagerie. The discard would actually *help* you set up a no-duplicates hand.

      • Swashbuckler says:

        Well chris, obviously the “heavy trashing” was based on a conspirator/ great hall combo, where you will not have the advantage of drawing more good cards and discard bad ones. In this case you will have to rely on the cards you draw and the better they are, the better you’re off.

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