We’re back!

Thank you for all your kind wishes.  I’m very excited to have graduated from law school and able to return to Dominion blogging.  Your long-suffering patience will not go unrewarded; we’re going to kick off the regular schedule tomorrow with a nice annotated game, follow up with some card-specific posts (which we haven’t seen much of lately), and have some exciting special features planned too 🙂

In the meantime, we have some ideas for a site redesign this summer.  We’d love to hear your feedback: what sorts of things would you like to see on DominionStrategy and CouncilRoom?  A forum?  Nice-looking card pages on CouncilRoom?  A wiki?  More guest articles?  Let us know in the comments.

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31 Responses to We’re back!

  1. poozle says:


  2. mr. grieves says:

    …and there was much rejoicing.

  3. Huuuze says:

    A bit off-topic, but does anyone know if Rio Grande (or a 3rd party) is working on an iPhone/iPad version of Dominion?

  4. The Archon says:

    Thanks for coming back. Just in time for you to take another hiatus to study for the Bar exam. Trust me.

    • theory says:

      I’ve actually got a lot of stuff distracting me from the blog this summer: taking the bar in late July, then off to WBC in the first week of August, and then getting married in late August and going to Hawaii afterwards. Plus I start at my firm in October. So let’s see how much Dominion I can squeeze in around all of that 🙂

  5. Fuu says:

    Dominion Strategy readers rejoice in their shared victory!

  6. Nagetier says:

    Is there a Dominion forum where the top Isotropicers go to? Otherwise, consider opening a forum here. 🙂

    • theory says:

      That’s the idea. We started this blog as an alternative to the BGG Dominion forums, where the signal-to-noise ratio was just too low. We’re planning to expand it into a forum and hopefully preserve the same kind of good high-level discussion we’ve been seeing in the comments so far.

  7. Adam says:

    Congrats on being done!

    I’m a fan of individual card analysis and interesting card combos, since my strategy is not so much, “win”, but to have the most fun by playing the longest action chains. I know, it’s not always the most elegant strategy, but it makes for some resourceful playing and interesting games.

    I avoid things like the councilroom card analysis…too much data. If we reduce gameplay decisions to crunching numbers and making charts based on statistics, it looses something. (though an interesting study would be to track dominion purchases of a specific card after it is featured on this site) . . . That being said, my lawyer friends all love that s**t. Dominion definitely attracts the analytical type.

    • Silverback says:

      I missed the individual card analysis and combo+counter of the day. These have always been helpful to improve my game – besides everything that DG posts.

  8. mwfeldman says:

    thank allah. start writing!

  9. boloni says:

    I’d really like to see a dominion-wiki. It would help to collect the information which is now scattered around the forums and blogs.
    Some things I’d like to see on a wiki are:
    – card-information(basic description, rules explanation/faq, strategy tips, links to:
    – list of card-combos with descriptions and links to sample games
    – general strategy articles

  10. frotes says:

    More annotated/guest articles. Those are amazing.

    Also maybe some articles about the finer arts of the flow of card buying in games. Say if you are going for provinces and your opponent is going for vineyards, you will need to adjust how much money/engine you have in place before racing to provinces otherwise you might stall out before you can buy 8 but wait too long and it might be too late. Analysis on stuff like that would be interesting. Similar to the Penultimate Province Rule article.

  11. Praion says:


  12. painted_cow says:

    glad, that you are back. I cant wait for new content. What is with Captain Frisks analysis of the indivudal card powers from Councilroom based on only good players?

    I would also like to see some kind of interviews from top players (whatever is top), with some tips for getting top too, playstyle, favourite cards, etc.

    • Captain_Frisk says:

      Captain Frisk has recently bought a house and is about 6 days away from having his first child. What a jerk!

    • DG says:

      I think it’s quite difficult to draw many conclusions about players from these figures. I had a look at few player pages I expected king’s courts and grand markets, power cards, to be giving good win rates to the good players. It turned out that good players were getting good win rates with woodcutters, pearl divers, villages, bureaucrats, thrones, and a variety of simple looking cards (and not even the same cards for each player). I suspect the reason is that many capable players can beat a top player over a fast 13-15 province game using king’s courts, grand markets, wharves, chapels, etc. through capable play and solid draws. In other words, the win rates were largely determined by the nature of the cards rather than the nature of the players.

      The most significant feature was that attack cards favoured better players, especially cursing cards. There are many reasons for this but the attack cards generally give a good player more time to force an advantage.

  13. mischiefmaker says:

    Congrats to both theory and Captain_Frisk! Sounds like you both have busy and exciting summers ahead of you.

    I’d love to see a specific kind of forum: a forum that is for posting an annotated game and asking for feedback. Each thread should include the poster’s isotropic rank or general skill level, cards in the set, and poster’s decided strategy, followed by a summary of each turn and any interesting decisions/changes in strategy they made. (note: if any enterprising software-type peoples want to write an isotropic log parser to help automate the last part, that would be grand.)

    I feel like dominion skill roughly falls into one of several buckets:
    1 – you buy too many terminal actions, you don’t know what most cards do, you buy whatever looks best on each turn
    2 – you know what most cards do, you buy generally good ones, but you don’t often have an overarching strategy or know the circumstances under which to buy more nuanced cards
    3 – you know all the cards and some strong combos, but you don’t have a solid grasp of when to buy which card in the combo (4 fishing villages and 3 libraries: buy another FV or another library?)
    4 – your buying is precise and calculated, you know when to start buying VP and when to continue building your deck

    This blog is fantastic for getting to bucket 3, but I think getting direct feedback (“You should have bought a Festival on turn 5 instead of a Laboratory, and on turn 16 you should have bought a Duchy instead of a Gold”) would be super helpful for getting to bucket 4.

    • > “…would be super helpful for getting to bucket 4”

      I agree, and that’s why I love the annotated games. When done well, they really show how an expert looks at the kingdom, plans buys differently as the game progresses, responds to changing circumstances, etc. Invaluable.

    • rattenversammlung says:

      I consider myself bucket 3 and still made it to page 1 of the leaderboard.

      Still have a hard time to beat players at level 40+ though.

  14. Momomoto says:

    So we’re this much closer to being able to call you a rules lawyer and have it mean something, eh? 😉 Congrats!

  15. skrotkanon says:

    Congrats and welcome back!

  16. Willvon says:

    Very happy to have you back. Congratulations on the degree.

    Though I have enjoyed all of the articles and discussions, I especially appreciate the ones focusing on specific cards and combos. They have been very helpful to a middle-of-the-road player such as myself. I am looking forward to more discussion especially about the Cornucopia cards now that people have more experience with them.

  17. Kirian says:

    Wow, congrats to both theory and Frisk!

    I’ll jump on the dogpile suggesting a forum. The comments threads have made for lively productive conversation, but they’re tough to follow at times (and of course leave no room for others to start conversations). I’m not sure a wiki would be particularly useful, though, given (a) the general wikification of your posts and (b) we don’t want people randomly editing pages.

    (For forum software, I strongly recommend phpBB. But that’s just me.)

  18. KMueller says:

    Welcome back! Missed the new posts when you were gone.

    Congratulations on finishing law school as well. I expect much more Latin in the posts from now on.

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