Hiatus (sort of)

I will be going on hiatus from the blog until I finish law school (around mid-May).  In my absence, the blog will be left in the capable hands of rrenaud, Geronimoo, and Captain_Frisk.  We’ll try to maintain regular updates, but if you’d like to help, feel free to contact us to submit a guest article.

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10 Responses to Hiatus (sort of)

  1. tlloyd says:

    Ironically, this means that my odds of finishing law school (also in the next few weeks) just increased astronomically. This blog is my favorite distraction from studying.

  2. gf1024 says:

    Good lawk! Hold on, that was terrible…

  3. play2draw says:

    Best of luck! I’m actually starting law school in the fall…

    … hmm… is Dominion some sort of magnetic charm to attract prospective lawers?

  4. Cow says:

    I think this blog is substantially more important than adding another lawyer to the world …

  5. AnnieK says:

    I think this is just the type of game that lawyers would love. It involves fast-paced problem solving and money. Maybe they should just use this as an admissions test rather than the LSAT!

    Ps, I am also a 3L. Good luck on exams, everyone!

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