Combo of the Day #1: Quarry/Talisman

This combo works especially well with $5 cards that stack together, e.g., Market, City, Laboratory, and to a lesser extent Upgrade. Market is especially well-suited for this role because it provides additional buys, and Cities are incredibly powerful if you empty out another pile of stackable actions, e.g., Spy, Caravan, Conspirator, Market, or Cities themselves.

The Talisman can be replaced (less effectively) by anything else that gives +Buy; the Quarry can be replaced by anything else that reduces the cost of cards (e.g. Bridge, or cheap Peddlers).

Sample game

This game does not feature Talisman per se, but does illustrate the power of Quarries if you can get +Buy.  Yaron uses Quarries and an early Market to stack up Markets, which then rolls into an unstoppable City stack.

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4 Responses to Combo of the Day #1: Quarry/Talisman

  1. vetdrewDrew says:

    Just to clarify– if you lower the cost of something with quarry, does it qualify as costing that amount instead of the written amount?

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