Dominion Online Championship Quarterfinal Interview: Skies

389 players participated in the Dominion Online Championship, the largest Dominion tournament ever! Now, only 8 remain. Today and tomorrow, we will be posting interviews with the remaining players. To discuss the championship and these interviews, click here.

Interview With Skies: Dominion Online Quarterfinalist

Beyond Awesome: What do you think was your toughest match?

Skies: That’s really hard to say as I had a lot of tough matches and I think especially hakase, LaLight and Honda are great players. The matches were very close and could’ve gone either way for sure.
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I Want My Deck Just Like This: A Dominion Song

Someone from within the community created this song based off the song “Something Just Like This.” Check it out! It’s pretty awesome.

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Dominion Round Table: Nocturne Preview Cards

Dominion Round Table is an article discussion format where we have several guests discuss one topic. Today’s discussion is on the Nocturne Preview Cards. To read last month’s Round Table on Donate, click here. To discuss this month’s Round Table, click here.

Beyond Awesome: Welcome to the 2nd Dominion Round Table everyone. I am Beyond Awesome, and I will be hosting today’s discussion. The topic is Nocturne preview cards.

drsteelhammer: Hi, I’m drsteelhammer, and I will be discussing the Nocturne preview cards!

aku chi: Hi, I’m aku chi, and I’m prepared to be wrong about Nocturne cards!

markusin: Hi, I am markusin, and I’ve lost an enormous amount of sleep this week. Maybe you can guess why.
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The Outpost, Dominion Podcast Returns Next Week

This week there will be no Podcast to allow everyone time to digest the new Nocturne cards. Join us next week for a 2 hour+ special podcast where Seprix, Beyond Awesome, and tracer from the Dominion community discuss their early impressions of the Nocturne Preview cards.

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Nocturne Bonus Preview 5: Necromancer

Original Article by LastFootnote

Finally, the powers of the dead are yours to command. It’s about time. Today I’m doing the last bonus preview, Necromancer.


Necromancer lets you play Action cards from the trash. And just to ensure that you always have some options there, the trash starts with three Action cards in it, the Zombies. And two of the Zombies can help you get other Action cards into the trash. Somehow it all works out.
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Previews #5: Exorcist, Pixie, Vampire

Original Article by Donald X.

And now, something extra! Yes it’s the last Nocturne preview.

The 5th theme of this set is extra cards. And you’ve been seeing them all week, there were too many to just save them for today. But here are some more of these things. And more cards for the previous themes; they’re all interconnected.

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Nocturne Bonus Preview #4: Leprechaun

Original Article by LastFootnote

Today I get to preview the most fun-loving Doom card of all, Leprechuan.


Leprechaun costs $3 and gains you Gold. What a deal! But unless you’re careful, the Leprecaun will also play a prank on you. Just going by the Hexes previewed today, your Gold might come with a Copper on your deck, or you’ll have to trash a $3-$4 card, or maybe all your Silvers and Golds will be Coppers this turn. Is it worth it? I guess that depends.
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The 3 State Cards Referenced by the Hexes

Here are the 3 State cards that are referenced by the Hexes that were posted earlier today.
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Nocturne Previews: The Other 9 Hexes

Here are the other 9 Hexes, courtesy of screen shots taken from Dominion Online. Hopefully later today, we will have screen captures of the referenced State cards. If you have not read today’s preview article by Donald X, click here.
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Nocturne Previews #4: Werewolf, Skulk, Cursed Village

Original Article by Donald X.

Your punishment today: a preview. See it’s all about your own perspective on it.

Nocturne has Hexes. Hexes are another 12-card deck of landscape-style instructions. These ones are bad though. You get an effect like “each other player receives the next Hex,” and then you turn over just one Hex, just one okay, and they all get that Hex. Of course sometimes you Hex yourself instead.

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