Isotropic Extensions

Please link to this page rather than hotlinking the files below.

To use these extensions, either use Google Chrome or install the Greasemonkey extension for Mozilla Firefox.  Click on them, and they should self-install.  If you want to modify the scripts (as some of them allow you to do, to change certain options), download them, edit, and then drag into your browser.

If the script seems like it doesn’t work, refresh the page.  If it still doesn’t work, contact us.

Level Highlighter

Turns people’s levels from red to blue if they are between levels 30 and 50, inclusive.

Status and Constraints

This script does not work with Firefox/Greasemonkey — at least the iframe part doesn’t.

Creates an iframe with two buttons that you can use to toggle between an AFK status and another status.  It defaults to “is afk” and “let’s play!“; you can change it by editing the variables at the top of the script.

In addition, you can also use it to specify card constraints.  It doesn’t do it by default; you can edit the “cardconstraints” variable in the script to automatically insert card constraints of your choosing.

12 Responses to Isotropic Extensions

  1. Aaron says:

    Nice, thanks for doing this. A few questions:

    1) If I want to edit this (using Chrome) how would I do this?
    2) Can something similar be done to track Victory cards in a game?

    • theory says:

      1) Download the js, and then edit it. Then drag it into your browser and it should update itself.
      2) I’m not interested in doing such a script.

      • Drew Hardin says:

        As a matter of personal ethics I would consider such a computer aide cheating unless both sides agreed to use it before the game. This can be done by hand if absolutely necessary.

        • Personman says:

          Your ethics lead you to believe that writing the score down by hand is okay, but having a computer do it is not?

          If I am reading that correctly, I’m kind of flabbergasted, and very curious to hear your reasoning.

          • Drew Hardin says:

            The problem is the slippery slope. I could also write a script to keep track of my discards and show me what I have left to draw. It could show the same for my opponents. I could develop a predictive engine for calculating the best opening.

            This seems benign but it gives one person a slight competitive advantage they will not have if their opponent is not using the same tools. I just like to keep the playing field even and let skill and ability dominate over ‘help from the computer’. Everything I don’t have to calculate myself is one more thing I can avoid having to process.

            Keep the computer assistance out of the game unless both players agree. Just my view.

            – Drew

          • Drew Hardin says:

            As for ‘writing it down’ I would prefer both players agreed on that ahead of time anyhow. What I meant was you can already review the game log and calculate it very quickly because the game gives that too you. So you can hardly prevent people from doing it by hand if they want.

  2. Reyk says:

    “2) I’m not interested in doing such a script.”

    Agreed. The trackable victory cards are a (minor) problem of online play, especially at isotropic.

    • rrenaud says:

      In my mind, the lack of easy and automatic victory point counting is a problem of real life play.

      • Personman says:

        I almost always keep score on a piece of paper when playing in real life. It makes this game immeasurably better.

        When playing with friends on isotropic, I keep score in chat. I’ve been meaning to start asking people if they are okay with that at the start of isotropic games with strangers, but I always forget.

  3. andwilk says:

    Where do you go to edit the variables in the script?

  4. Verik says:

    Great little script!

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