Dominion Tournaments & Meetups Update

The goal of this column is to list all known Dominion tournaments and events happening around the world and online. If you run a league, tournament, Dominion meetup, or do anything else Dominion related, we would love to post that info here. Please contact Beyond Awesome, so the column may be updated in next week’s edition. 

This week, we have added one Dominion tournament. If you want your group or tournament to be featured on our site, please feel free to contact Beyond Awesome, and your info will be posted in next week’s updated edition.

To run an officially sanctioned Rio Grande Games Dominion tournament, please use this contact form. Dominion Strategy is not affiliated with Rio Grande Games.


Chicago Dominion League: Information for this group can be found by following the link.

Kansas City Dominion Games: A Dominion meetup in Kansas city.

Dominion Tournament at U-Con, Nov 18 2017, Ypsilanti, MI

Southern  California Tournament: Sunday, Nov. 19th 2PM

2 Player Ohio Tournament: Jan. 27th 2018 1-7PM


10th Anniversary Tournament Series & Qualifiers for 2019 Grand Final


Dominion World Cup 2018: This event is being organized for 2018. Click on the link to join the discussion and offer suggestions.

Dominion League

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  1. tufftaeh says:

    The home page of the ASS annivesary tournament is actually

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