Dominion Online Championship Quarterfinal Interview: gamesou

389 players participated in the Dominion Online Championship, the largest Dominion tournament ever! Now, only 8 remain. Today and tomorrow, we will be posting interviews with the remaining players. To discuss the championship and these interviews, click here.

Interview With gamesou: Dominion Online Quarterfinalist

Beyond Awesome: What do you think was your toughest match?

gamesou: First, none has been easy, even in the first rounds. I have strong memories from my round 4 decisive match against Psyduck, where I had a deck of only 10 Silvers after Donate/Raid, and couldn’t do anything else that buying Provinces while hoping his engine will fail. Games with asymmetric strategies are the most exciting.

Beyond Awesome: Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, where are you from, what do you do?

gamesou: I’m 36 and from Lyon, France. I’m a mathematician. I just wrote a book about my research, here it is.

Beyond Awesome: How did you get into Dominion?

gamesou: A cousin of mine introduced me to the game long ago when only few expansions existed ; I quickly bought Intrigue and all the expansions afterwards.

Recently my 7-years old son started to play ; we play miniatures games with 3-cards kingdoms where at the start of the game he chooses a card which I’m forbidden to gain. That’s a lot of fun!

Beyond Awesome: Most feared opponent on Dominion Online?

gamesou: Dan Brooks, my quarterfinal opponent. I never played him but he seems really, really scary. If he was a Dominion card, he would be a Werewolf.

Beyond Awesome: What are your favorite and least-favorite Dominion cards, and why?

gamesou: I love Ironworks since the first game I ever played. I think I gained all of them in that game. You all know how it happens, you have two Ironworks in hand, and if you want to play both you must gain a $4 Action. My Ironworks-addiction has a bit decreased since that time, but I still have strong feelings for them.

I have no least-favorite card. I love all of them, including Scout and Possession.

Beyond Awesome: What are your initial impressions of Nocturne, the newest Dominion expansion?

gamesou: I couldn’t really play yet with Nocturne. However I know all the cards since I translated them into French for ShuffleIt (French version to be coming very soon!), and it looks like a great set. [redacted] decks seem challenging to play—and I’m in love with its art.

Beyond Awesome: What advice do yyou have for Dominion players looking to get better?

gamesou: Look for the advice from top players in articles or streams. And also: play less.

Beyond Awesome: Finally, who do you think is going to win the Championship?

gamesou: I guess Dan Brooks will win. Unless the Ironworks are out on Sunday.

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