Registration closed!

Registration for the 2011 Championships is now closed!

However, if you are of rank 35 or higher on Isotropic, you may still be able to enter.  Please post in the registration topic and you may qualify for one of the ten wildcard slots.

Otherwise, good luck in the tournament, and if you didn’t register in time, well, there’s always the Kingdom Design Challenge!

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2 Responses to Registration closed!

  1. Jahz says:

    Well, note that a big change took place in the leaderboard today, so rank 35 doesn’t necesseraly now mean what you wanted it to mean.

    “All the rankings suddenly changed (again)!
    On 24 November 2011 I changed the leaderboard to count only the past 30 days worth of games.”

    Glad I registered on time, I’m now level 1 🙂

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