What expansions should I get?

What Dominion expansions should I get?

Dominion is a game that gets exponentially better with each expansion you add.  But deciding which ones to get, and in what order, is a pretty tricky question.  Ask ten different people, and they’ll probably give you ten different answers.  So take all of this advice with a grain of salt, knowing that whatever you choose in the end will probably be fine.  (And as most people on this site can attest to, you’ll probably just end up getting them all anyway.)

First, the game designer’s own thoughts on what order to get the expansions.

The most natural way to get the expansions is in order.  The sets were released in a particular order for a reason, and this way you can slowly climb the complexity slope.

If you want to tweak it a little bit, you can skip Alchemy and jump to Prosperity, since Prosperity is by far the most well-received expansion, and Alchemy is probably the least.

If you’re only getting one expansion (for now), you probably are best off with Intrigue or Prosperity.  Which one you get depends on whether you like choices and interaction or the higher-value, higher-octane cards.  Whichever expansion you get, you’ll play at least half your games with it, so something like Alchemy or Hinterlands would be a very poor choice.

Cornucopia and Hinterlands are probably “complex” for those new to Dominion.  You probably don’t want to play with them until you get a bit more experienced with Dominion as a whole.  Alchemy also alters the game a lot, so you definitely don’t want to get it too early.  It’s great in small doses, but not too many people enjoy playing just Alchemy games.

Finally, Dark Ages is by far the most complex Dominion expansion released so far, and also the one that changes the game the most.

An overview of each expansion:

Intrigue: The first expansion, and the most natural.  Comes with another set of Treasure/Victory cards, allowing you to support multiple games and/or a 5-6p game (though 5-6p games of Dominion are generally not that much fun).  Focuses on interaction and card choices.

Seaside: Focused on duration cards, which last between turns. Along with Prosperity, has probably the most powerful Action cards.

Alchemy: Introduces Potions, a different kind of “currency”, and emphasizes Action chains, leading to much longer games.  Probably not a great first expansion.

Prosperity: Adds Colonies and Platinums, and a lot of other over-the-top cards.  Probably the most popular expansion, and certainly the most well-received.

Cornucopia: A small expansion that focuses on card variety.  A more advanced set.

Hinterlands: Introduces cards that trigger when you gain or buy them.  A more advanced set.

Dark Ages: The most complex set so far, with a big emphasis on card interactions.  It introduces many new mechanics (including gaining from the trash).

13 Responses to What expansions should I get?

  1. ackmondual says:

    I’d add that Prosperity also includes Treasure cards with text effects. Those definitely do a solid deal in defining that set. Should also update for promos and Dark Ages at this point.

  2. anonymous says:

    plus one month too…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guilds adds the new dimensions of collecting coin tokens for later turns, and overpaying for cards to get something more when you buy them.

  4. It’s easy: Prosperity is the set to buy after the initial one.
    Colony and Platinum are reason enough, and most of the other cards are fun to play too.

    Sets to avoid are imho:
    1.) Alchemy (as it makes everything more complicated and lets people wait forever until their opponents finish the action chains)
    2.) Intrigue, as the attacks can be very frustrating and quite random (Saboteur, Swindler, Torturer)

  5. Anonymous says:

    What about Guilds?

  6. petegeo says:

    Am I the only one who loves the play of Alchemy? I started with, Intrigue, Hinterlands, Dark Ages, Cornucopia, Guilds and then Alchemy. I have found Alchemy, Guilds and Dark Ages the most challenging so far. I intend to get Prosperity, Seaside and Dominion last of all. I have played Prosperity and the other two a couple of times, I think Prosperity will work well with guilds as you often have hands with more coins than you can spend without an extra buy. (Unless you add the Candlestick Maker or the Merchant Guild to the deck. If not already present) Guilds is a great add-on. Although, I feel it could have had a few more sets of cards to make it a bigger expansion (unlike Alchemy and Cornucopia, which are about right). I find the game-play of Alchemy to be what Dominion should be about. As a lover of the medieval period. This is what was lacking as it played such a huge part in their lives it had to be an expansion. Magic, warlocks and witches. You gotta love it.

  7. petegeo says:

    Yes!! Prosperity arrives today. Another one to add to my game playing experince.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bought intrigue as a second expansion. Arrives today. My reasoning behind going this route is to give more variety to regular dominion that we already own. Following intrigue we will purchase seaside, prosperity, hinterlands and dark ages. Alchemy, cornucopia and guilds would be fun to obtain after these bigger expansions.

  9. dbcint says:

    Assuming you started with the base set, I’d go for Intrigue as your first expansion, because of the additional Copper/Silver/Gold. You’re not likely to need them, but there are cards in later expansions that can dish out a horrendous amount of Copper (a four-player game with Jester and Mountebank just about emptied the pile of Copper). I’d then go for Prosperity, for the upgrade to Platinum / Colony. After that, go for whatever takes your fancy.

  10. petegeo says:

    I have just purchased The base cards. The art work is great, I have only found a small detail that irks me, and that is the Estate cards art…. it is a roman villa. It should be more in keeping with the medieval theme, a Tudor mansion would have been more appropriate. I think I would have got Dark Ages last if I had had more knowledge of the game and how it plays, It is the hardest and biggest expansion of all, with 35 kingdom cards, Ruins, Spoils and Settlements. It plays well though. It has a subtleness to it that you don’t appreciate until you have played it many times…and those Rats, are just amazing.
    I just have to get the Promo cards to complete the full Dominion Set. It is not easy to do this in the UK.

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