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Alchemy: Scrying Pool

This is an article by Powerman, originally posted on the forum. Scrying Pool’s strength is not immediately obvious.  It is not until the first time you see someone chain together some Scrying Pools that you realize, hey, this card is … Continue reading

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Alchemy: Transmute

This is a revised version of a guest article by chwhite, originally posted in the forum. Is there any card more unloved than Mr. Transmute, with his sad eyes and mountain man beard, futilely trying to turn lead (Estates) into … Continue reading

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Alchemy: Possession

Possession is quite possibly the most hated card in the game.  This article is divided into three segments: how to play Possession, how to counter Possession, and when to go for Possession. How to play Possession In building your own … Continue reading

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