Menagerie Previews #1: Snowy Village, Sheepdog, Animal Fair, Kiln, Barge

Today on March 2nd, 2020, begins the Preview Days for the upcoming, new expansion: Menagerie.

Expansion “Preview Days” is a tradition Donald X. Vaccarino (Designer of Dominion) has continued for new expansion releases, similar to Renaissance Preview Days. It gives fans small tastes of what the upcoming expansion will entail.

Below is Donald X. Vaccarino’s release statement for the first Previews.

Menagerie Previews 1: 5 Cards

So, it’s come to this. Previews. I suppose I have myself to blame.

Menagerie – hey isn’t that the name of a card? – has 400 cards, like Adventures. That includes 30 Kingdom cards. There are two major themes: Exile and Horses. There are also two kinds of landscapes: Ways and Events, with 20 of each. I’ll do the math for you: 30 kingdom cards is 300 cards, plus 30 randomizers is 330, plus 40 landscapes is 370, and I’ll just tell you now that there are 30 Horses. That means no Victory cards, and no other surprise extra piles.

Day 2 of previews will cover Horses, and day 3 Exile; day 4 will have landscapes, and day 5 will have… some more cards. Here on day 1 we have 5 miscellaneous cards, to get you started with a bunch, because as before the cards are immediately try-out-able at

Snowy Village gives you a bunch of actions and a buy, but closes the door on even more actions that turn. Some of you may remember this from the holiday joke cards that were on dominionstrategy a few years ago. I wouldn’t be expecting those other cards, but this one was worth doing.

Sheepdog gives Dominion another blue dog. You can play it anytime you gain a card. It may not even be your turn. Playing it means you put it into play and get your +2 Cards; it will be discarded in that turn’s Clean-up, even if it’s not yours. Using the Reaction part doesn’t use up an Action; it just leaps into play and draws you cards. If it draws you another Sheepdog, you can use that one right away too; you can keep playing Sheepdogs until you run out of them.

Animal Fair gives you a weird way to pay for it. The card costs $7; the alternate payment just applies when you’re buying one. At the point at which you’d pay your $7, you can trash an Action from your hand instead (and can do this when you don’t have $7). And then what do you get, you get +$4 and some number of Buys.

Kiln is another in the long line of Explorers. It most easily gains Treasures, but if you can play an Action after it, you can gain a copy of that, and it can even gain Night cards.

And finally Barge is a Duration card with an effect you can have now or later. Handy if you don’t want to draw dead cards, or have drawn your deck already. If you take it now, it’s just discarded that turn. All the sets seem to squeeze in a few Duration cards these days, and this set has four of them.”

– Donald X. Vaccarino

The Preview Cards are now available on the client,, for users to play and test out. To engage in discussion about the new cards, check out the dominion strategy forum, or join the online discord‘s channel dedicated to menagerie.

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