Combo of the Day #9: Counting House/Coppersmith

This is an obvious combination that is nevertheless difficult to pull off.  Counting Houses are notoriously unreliable, being one of the few cards you hate drawing early in the deck.  The Coppersmiths are otherwise worthless if you can’t get enough Coppers into your hand.  Worst of all, both Actions are terminal, meaning you must draw them together and with +Actions in order to pull it off.

Having said that, the combination of Counting House and Coppersmith is quite powerful.  In an ordinary game, Counting Houses can bring in up to $7, and each Coppersmith is worth another $7.  (A Gardens deck can bring in even more, as can an opponent’s Mountebank.  In both those situations, however, the deck is so diluted the likelihood of drawing into this combo is slim to none.)  Actions providing +Buy are probably needed in order to make full use of the money, particularly if the Coppersmiths are Throned or Kinged.

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2 Responses to Combo of the Day #9: Counting House/Coppersmith

  1. Alex says:

    Unless you combine this with +Buys I don’t think it is worth the effort.

    Then, if you have +Buys, that’s a third action in the mix.

    I’ve had much more success with these cards on their own. Counting House is more powerful, but with more and more sets thrown in I’m liking Coppersmith more.

  2. EricTheRed says:

    I had incredible success with Coppersmiths and Banks. I went worker’s village/smithy/coppersmith to get big draws and +buys, using my buys for copper. I got a total of 3 coppersmiths and bought some banks and when my deck took off I pulled off two turns of 60+ coins and drained the colonies.

    Wish I’d saved the log…

    So yeah, I agree that Coppersmith alone can be an INCREDIBLE card with the right support – but as much as I’d like to pull off a Coppersmith/Counting House it just seems like it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Coppersmith/Bank however, is very very feasible and powerful.

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